Have a bird's eye view of all your territories and salesperson assignments.

As Repgroups, it is crucial to maintain proper territory assignments. RepTime can help you keep all your customers properly assigned to the right sales rep.

Manage and Track Territory Zip Codes

Generate regions of Territories that your Repgroup covers. Utilize these territories to assign bulk customers to sales reps, and most importantly, help filter sales reports by Territories.

Assign Customers to Sales Reps by Territory

Assign a range of customers to Sales Reps by territory and RepTime will manage the newly added customers automatically to the assigned sales reps by zip code.

List of more Features and Services

Assign Territories Individually, by a Range, or by City/State

Instantly create and manage territories by having several flexible ways to add zip codes.

Assign an Entire Territory to a Sales Rep

Give a territory to a sales rep and RepTime will manage assignments thereafter with zip code matching.

Assign Manufacturers to Sales Reps and Territories

Manage which sales reps can sell certain manufacturers depending on the territories assigned.

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