Have the freedom to run over 100 Reports through unique filters and parameters.

Understanding sales patterns and growth rates of your company is extremely vital to your success.
RepTime offers all the analytics you need to know your business.

View Sales by YTD, Monthly, and Weekly

Run sales reports by any date parameters and also easily compare two date ranges to see how your sales have increased or decreased from the prior period.

Track Item Sales and Top Selling Items

Instantly see your item sales patterns and run reports to see the frequency of sales for each item. Users enjoy seeing item sales and how many orders an item has been sold on.

Export Reports to Excel, Word, or Adobe PDF.

Take your data anywhere or use it to run your own reports. Easily save any report you run in RepTime to any of the major editing tools offered.

Run Pivot Tables to build customer reports

Advanced users enjoy the ability to track your sales through Excel Pivot Tables. RepTime offers premade pivot tables for you to access right away and analyze data within minutes.

List of more Features and Services

Filter Reports by Numerous Parameters

Run reports by date range and filter by customer, manufacturer, sales rep, division, territory, or season.

Compare Sales by Order, Ship, or Cancel Dates

Run all reports by any date field to help compare sales by different ways the order could be viewed.

View Sales by Invoice and Commission Dates

Know exactly how much you are shipping depending on the amount of orders invoiced or shipped.

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