As a salesrep have the freedom to keep your all manufacturers info in one device.

To ensure the best sales experience with your customers RepTime ensures all sales reps are able to operate with all the different variables from manufacturers.

Manage and Track all Manufacturer Data

Maintain all of your manufacturer’s information. Set commission percentages, minimum order amounts, expected terms, verified shipping methods, and more!

Import and Share Items with Sales Reps

Utilizing Excel item lists, you can import each manufacturer's items and share with sales reps to generate multi-line purchase orders on the road or during trade shows.

List of more Features and Services

Add Manufacturer Minimum Order and Re-Order Amounts

Include minimum order amounts to ensure all orders have met their fulfillment requirements.

Acquire Email Lists for Email Marketing

Easily acquire emails for mass marketing campaigns, or target customers for specific manufacturers.

Assign Manufacturer Commission Rates for each Manufacturer

Add commission percentages for all manufacturers and utilize for commission purposes.

Set Accepted Payment Terms by Manufacturer

Add accepted payment terms for by manufacturer so all orders have met their requirements for fulfillment.

Automatically Download Products from RepTime Data Cloud

Save time by eliminating the need to import item lists. Download product lists from RepTime Portal.
* Manufacturer must be a member of RepTime to utilize this feature.

Assign Manufacturers to Sales Reps and Territories

Define which Sales Reps can sell certain manufacturers only depending on the assigned territories.

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