RepTime offers manufacturers the ease of sharing secured data retrieving orders seamlessly.

As a manufacturer do more by doing less. Have the ability to manage the crucial information you need to control your territories and bring in your sales accurately.

Upload and Share Product Data

Maintain product information and share it only with approved sales reps. This simplifies the process by eliminating the repgroups to manage imports and create human errors.

Retrieve Orders from a Secure Portal

Download the purchase orders written by sales reps during trade shows or on the road, and have the ability to download formatted files to import into your accounting software. Learn more

API Integrations Available

Looking to truly integrate with RepTime and get your sales orders in the reliable way. We recommend our new API to all manufacturers. Check out documentation at Contact RepTime for more information and getting a secure key to your data.

List of more Features and Services

Store an Unlimited number of Products and Images

There are no limits to the number of items you can store.

Upload Various Unique Product Variables

Upload detailed information for each product, including size, color, price codes, and volume pricing.

Receive Purchase Orders Electronically

Receive orders placed by sales reps in any unique format needed for your accounting platform.

Securely view Credit Cards on Purchase Orders

Must be a verified manufacturer to see credit card details. Contact us for more information.

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Over 1200 Manufacturers receiving orders from our secure portal daily.