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of 3,000 orders daily by users accross four countries.

Generate Itemized 850 Purchase Orders on your Desktop or Laptop

Instantly scan or manually key in items on your desktop or laptop. Process multi-line orders in one single experience with your customers and split orders at the end.

Scan Purchase Orders on Android Handheld

Scan barcode labels to process orders faster and efficently. Have the freedom to work with a light-weight device to track customers and generate purchase orders on the road or in trade shows.

Send Orders Electronically to Manufacturers and Customers

Individually or batch transmit orders electronically to your manufacturers in any format they require. Also have the ability to FTP or E-Mail order copies to manufacturers or customers.

List of more Features and Services

Place orders by Order Date, Ship Date, and Cancel Date

Enter orders by orderdate, shipdate, and canceldate. Utilize all date criterias for running sales reports.

Add Payment Terms and Ship Via Methods to Orders

To improve order processing, you have the ability to include Payment Terms with secured Credit Card handling and Shipping Methods with customer’s account numbers for preferred shipping.

Order in Increments or by Minimum Quantity Met

Ensure all orders are properly entered by including requirements for each item and order. RepTime warns you through the order writing process to make all orders meet their requirement.

Process Multi-line Orders in one Streamlined Experience

Select all items desired by the customer, and let RepTime manage each Manufacturer at the end of the ordering process, allowing for finalization on each aspect of each order before submission.

Obtain Signatures and Print Images on Order Copies

For better customer experience, offer images on order copies and take signatures on order from the buyer.

Include Discounts to Purchase Orders

Easily discount specific items or entire orders, and save custom or special discounts for customers on future orders.

Duplicate Orders Individually or by Customer Chain

Instantly duplicate orders to efficiently process re-orders, maintaining the ability to edit any aspect of that order, or duplicate several orders for any given customer chain.

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