Managing customers is simple in RepTime. Stay up-to-date with all your customers.

Customer information is securely stored and controlled at your fingertips.
Easily generate orders and track sales for all your accounts.

Maintain Retail Store Customers by Billing and Multiple Shipping Locations

Store and organize all of your customer’s detailed information. Multiple Shipping locations per BillTo Customer, and unlimited contacts per account, among many other useful features.

View Retail Stores on Google Maps and Generate Appointment Paths

Within a few clicks you can view your customers on Google Maps. With the support of GoogleBusinessMaps, pin multple locations to map appointment paths.

Securely Store Manufacturer Account Numbers per BillTo or ShipTo Location

For each customer account created BillTo or ShipTo, have the fields to store manufacturer account numbers along with ship extension numbers.

Securely Store Credit References and Credit Card Numbers for Reprocessing Orders

To help serve your customers better, have the comfort of adding in your customer's credit references and credit card numbers. All information is securely encrypted and 100% PCI Compliant.

List of more Features and Services

Assign Retail Stores to Sales Reps, Divisions, or Categories

Easily assign retail stores to approved Sales Reps by BillTo or ShipTo locations, as well as assign accounts to divisions or categories for better organization and reporting purposes.

Add Unlimited Contacts per Customer Location

Add detailed contact information per customer and have the ability to select the contact to place on purchase order.

Track Individual Customer Commission Percentage

Certain Rep Groups have Key Account Customers that receive different commissions by store. RepTime allows you to determine commissions per location and manage those percentages at will.

Manage Customers using Leads, Active, and Inactive Tags

Track all customers using Leads, Active, and Inactive tags to better organize your customer list, as well as filter as needed for reporting purposes.

Enter Customer Notes to keep all members "in the loop"

Add all the notes you can muster for any particular customer, with the ability to add timestamps that include the date to keep those notes nice and organized.

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